The 3 Famous British Actresses Who Achieved Damehood

Men who are given the privilege of Knighthood are well-known. However, achievements are not limited to men. If they can be called “Sir,” women have the right to be called Dame. Check out the famous British actresses who received Damehood for their great contribution to the society.

  1. Helen Mirren

Damehood: 2003

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Her Damehood is a well-deserved achievement in her career. I’m not biased, but she’s a great actress even before I knew that she’s a very close relative of a friend. The roles she had played can surely get the emotions of out of you. It is no longer surprising that she is one of the most respected actresses of the country. She is also an Oscar and Golden Globe winner, so there is no doubt about her great contribution in the field of performing arts.

  1. Judi Dench

Damehood: 1988

Even before her Damehood, her career is already on the right track with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has a pure talent for arts, and it is the reason why she was well accepted even by the American audience. She won Oscar awards a couple of times and had starred in various controversial films in the industry.

  1. Julie Andrews

Damehood: 2000

She received her Damehood from Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to the industry of performing arts. She sets up some record when she became a part of The Song Of Music and the world renowned Mary Poppins. Aside from that, who doesn’t know The Princess Diaries? She is the type of actress that doesn’t have to talk too much to show her emotions. She is that good.

Damehood is one of the greatest achievements you can get. It rarely comes and only given to those women who deserve it. I’m sure you will all agree that these three women are worth it for the title.

"The 3 Famous British Actresses Who Achieved Damehood"