The 4 Most Popular British Actors Today

We can all see the charismatic faces of the actors on television, and we can’t help but admire every inch of them. We all have our favorites based on our ideal guys. Let’s now check who among these dashing guys are tagged as the most famous British actors of today. Let’s see and find out.

1. Christian Bale

Oh, who wouldn’t know him? Ladies swoon over him most especially with his hot body. He started out as a child star and never looked back since then. We can all say that he is a very talented actor who takes his roles seriously. There wouldn’t be any second thoughts on his side to change his body type depending on the character he will be playing.

  1. Sean Bean

Aged but definitely not rotten is the best way to describe Sean Bean. He is indeed a very talented man who can sweep your hearts out. Does Lord Eddard Stark ring a bell? Of course, it does. It’s none other than Sean Bean. Aside from that, he is also known for his talent shown on The Lord Of The Rings.

3. Michael Caine

He is born and raised in London but took Hollywood by storm. There have been a lot of projects for this multi-talented man. He is most famous for his participation Zulu, Get Carter and of course, Dark Knight. What can I say? The man is good and born to act. He can portray his role in a very effortless manner.

  1. Charles Dance

Alright, I understand that most people recognize his villain skills but who are we to judge? The guy can act as the bad guy, and he is good at it. His popularity increased drastically in the global audience when he played Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.

These are the four most popular British Actors these days. They are all talented, and there is no doubt about their fame.

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